We do

We work to help startups finding ways to develop a strong business model
and functional prototype in an intensive and immersive program.


Business Mentoring

Value of advice from business mentors, innovation advisors, marketing and networking experts aligned with strategic vision to start new added-value business to face global challenges.

Fab Lab

IT & rapid prototyping lab for innovation and invention, providing a space and tool for startups and companies to play, build, learn and develop new products and businesses.

Coworking & Collaboration

A collaborative space, where we connect a global community of learners, educators, technologists, researchers, makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and key players of innovation ecosystem. We offer smart spaces, which generate innovation and creativity culture.

Training Programs & Education

Workshops, conferences, talks and training courses are available in order to learn new business skills and innovation capabilities for startups, investor, community and companies to face global challenges.


A high value network built to provide space for companies, startups, communities, innovator, public and private institutions which allow them to partnering and business joint with key players in order to generate future business opportunities and commercial relations.