Desarrollo de Negocios


Business Development


We promote growth in technology-based or innovative ventures, through co-creation processes, identification of business challenges and the development of the entrepreneur’s potential. Our offer starts from the identification of needs to the consolidation of business models becoming scalable and replicable ideas. For this we handle the components of:

Business Discovery Line

In this line, the entrepreneur is offered the structuring of his business model from customer segmentation, value proposition, communication channels, activities and key partners to marketing strategies, revenue structure and costs.

The entrepreneur receives mentoring for a determined period of time. These may be specialized in topics such as marketing, business model, finance, corporate design, commercial and legal strategies, coaching, prototyping, brief structuring, among others, as required by the entrepreneur to comply with the work plan established in the diagnostic stage.

Business Growth and Acceleration Line

In this line, MacondoLab accompanies processes in the acceleration and consolidation phases of technology-based or innovative ventures, seeking to promote and support the management and interrelation processes of business initiatives, through training and consolidation in high-impact entrepreneurship. In this way, it is supported by the development of co-generating and co-creating capacities and joint work between the university, allied entities and society in the perspective of human, social, economic and technological development.

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