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We turn your ideas into innovation!

Promoting the appropriation and transfer of knowledge within the organizations.

Identifying needs and consolidating business models to become scalable and replicable ideas.

We encourage the appropriation of innovation as a tool for business transformation and growth.

Developing experiential learning processes and organizational competencies.

We develop processes of design, evaluation and instrumentalization of public policy.

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"The world is not made of atoms, it is made of stories.""
Eduardo Galeano

“The strongest challenge has been to keep the company running, not to stop and adjust to the new reality, what we have done is to work on issues of digital transformation, where we have strengthened our company internally, but especially externally with our customers and suppliers. I give advice to new entrepreneurs and that is to have patience, resilience and perseverance, this is a complex situation that will be with us in the short and medium term.”
Tito Ardila Otero
CEO Horu Smart Energy
“Today there are some companies such as Liquitech that have been providing factoring services digitally through electronic platforms, which has allowed them to continue trading invoices online, despite the current situation. This has become an important solution for SMEs and their customers to continue injecting liquidity to the operating cycle that includes both of them, because if the supplier, which is generally the SME, has no liquidity, there will be problems for the entire production or service provision cycle.”
Alexandra Mendoza
CEO Liquitech Capital con Sentido SAS
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¡Convertimos tus ideas en innovación!

Fomentamos la apropiación y transferencia de conocimientos al interior de las organizaciones.

Desarrollo de negocios

Identificamos necesidades y consolidamos modelos de negocios llegando a ser ideas escalables y replicables.

Gestión de la innovación

Fomentamos la apropiación de la innovación como herramienta para la transformación y el crecimiento empresarial.

Cursos e-learning

Desarrollamos procesos de aprendizaje experiencial y competencias organizacionales .

Política pública

Desarrollamos procesos de diseño, evaluación e instrumentalización de política pública.

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